Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zachary's Adventures

We went camping a few times this summer with our families, and I am way behind in posting pictures. Over the 24th of July we went to Tony Grove with Curtis' family. We do this trip every year, and I would have to say that this year was fun but also not fun at the same time.

Here is a picture of Zachary sweeping the dirt. I think this was his favorite thing to do while we were there. Last year was easier for me because he couldn't walk yet, but this year he got SSSSOOOO DiRtY!!! and I hate him being dirty. It was quite disgusting.

The night that everyone is up there together, the boys hike up to a place called White Pines. The next morning the girls who want to, hike up and enjoy a few hours up there with the guys, and then they all hike back down and we eat lunch together.

This picture is of Curtis, Zachary and me right before the guys left to go on the hike. You will notice the bandage on Zachary's hand. You may be asking "why does he have that on his hand?" Well, I will tell you.

Curtis brother Brandon had gone fishing and caught some fish that he of course decided to cook over the fire on one of those metal grate things. (I have no idea what they are called). Anyway, we were sitting by the fire and Curtis got up to do something and didn't know Zachary decided to follow him. Zachary tripped and fell over the fire and put his hand on the grate. Here are a couple pictures of the result:

I was scared to death and Zachary was screaming like I have never heard before. A man from another campsite came over with some burn spray and we had ice on it trying to cool it down. I felt like such a horrible mother and could not stop crying. We gave Zachary some IbUprofen and Curtis, his dad and his brothers gave Zachary a blessing. Zachary continued to cry so Curtis and I took him on a walk down to the lake and we threw rocks in the lake and that helped Zachary calm down a lot.
I am so thankful for the power of the priesthood. I am grateful that Curtis, his dad and his brother's were worthy to give my baby a blessing.
Zachary now knows what the word "hot" means and whenever someone asked him to show them his "owie", he would look at his hand and say "ow". It was kind of cute.
We were really afraid that he would have scars from where he got burned, but his hand is perfect again. You cannot tell that anything ever happened, and I know that is because of the blessing Curtis gave to him.
I love this gospel and my family and feel so lucky to be so blessed.