Monday, November 30, 2009

We're having a.......

GIRL!!! And we are super excited. Zachary has been saying for a while that he was going to have a little sister, and he proved to be right.

We are already very prepared in the clothing department. Whenever we would go shopping for Zachary, I would find myself more drawn to the baby girl's clothes, so I would of course buy some. I think we would always come home with more girl clothes, than clothes for Zachary. Curtis would always laugh at me and say, "what if we don't have a girl?" Well, fortunately we are, so I didn't waste all the money I have spent on girl clothes.

We are due March 21st, but my doctor said if everything goes well, he will induce me so I don't have another nine pound baby. Thank goodness!!! I do not want to live through that again.

I am so grateful that we are blessed to have another baby, and I cannot wait for her to be here!!!

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  1. Congrats! We're so excited for you! :)