Monday, March 23, 2009

My Greatest Blessings

So, every once in a while I experience something or read something that reminds me how grateful I am to have not only Curtis in my life, but my beautiful boy Zachary. We have definitely been through a lot with our little guy. He has had tremendous eating problems pretty much from the day he was born. There were times when I would break down crying because I was so tired of feeding him and then having him projectile vomit everything up over and over again. I was definitely humbled today.

I love to look at other people's blogs. I love to look at the cute backgrounds and pictures and read about other's lives. When I read the blogs of those I am close too, I sometimes find myself looking at their friends' blogs (don't worry, I'm not a stalker), I just like to read about other people. Today I came across this and I cried my eyes out. How could I complain about my child having such horrible eating problems when this poor couple was going through something like this? I cannot even imagine the anguish and heartbreak this family went through. I was humbled and gently reminded that the trials in my life have been nothing compared to this.

I am so grateful for my Zachary. Prior to him, I must not have been a very patient person because I have had to learn patience many times all over again. He is such a joy in not only mine and Curtis' lives, but anyone he comes in contact with. I thank my Heavenly Father for him every day, and I would not trade him for anything.

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  1. Oh man that is horrible! I was watching the video and crying my eyes out and Brandon came in and I told him about the baby dying the day before he was due and he watched for about 2 seconds and had to leave the room because he started crying too. I can't imagine how that would feel...we are so blessed aren't we!?!